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Familie Seybold
Schlossstraße 2 - 4, D-91607 Gebsattel
Tel.: 09861-8968 Fax: 86924

The Traditional Inn
Medieval Rothenburg

Traditional rich Franconian cuisine
Space for 150 guests,
conference rooms
 110 Beds
Single, double, triple and
quadruple bedrooms,
 Convenient Location
Just outside medieval Rothenburg,
Great base for many outings
 Bicycle-friendly accommodation
Member of the Bett & Bike association
Cycle routes in every direction
" ... since the Middle Ages, the village inn "Gasthaus zum Lamm" has been a place of drinking, celebrating, dancing and even scrapping, but also for local trials and policy-making. On the outside wall of the inn was what used to be the so-called "vice stone" which had to be carried by wicked and sinful women accompanied by the scornful laughter of the village population ...." (Gebsattel chronicle, p. 465)
Today a modern business with excellent service. Owned by the family since 1888.