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Familie Seybold
Schlossstraße 2 - 4, D-91607 Gebsattel
Tel.: 09861-8968 Fax: 86924

Ausflugsziele rund um Gebsattel

Leicht zu finden - schnell zu erreichen.

Gebsattel is easily accessible due to its convenient location.

Gebsattel - A Great Base for Exciting Day Trips
There are so many destinations for outings within a radius of 80 kilometres that you will not be able to fit them all into one holiday. Medieval towns, magnificant castles and stately houses, monasteries, museums and enchanting river valleys are all nearby and well worth a visit.
Information on these sights can be found under Links.
Rothenburg von der Engelsburg aus Schw. Hall, Großkomburg, in deren Besitz Gebsattel im MA war